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PayBee - PayBee is mobile app that lets organization accept donations by simple scan of QR code.
If you are non-profit who accept donations either in person or online, you could be potential customer for PayBee
Yes donor can scan generated QR code with any standard QR code reader or simply visiting URL contained in it to pledge by providing email id. After that they have option to download the app of just use PayBee's quick pay option. Quick Pay option doesn't require them to download app.
You can write it to us at
Or if you prefer you can call us at 425-260-7903 (Rajeev) or 408-915-7275(Nidhi)

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This campaign type is suitable for most situations of donation.

Long Pledge

This campaign type is suitable for situation where donors pledge big amounts to be donated over period of month in small installments.


This type of campaign is suitable for tickets for events etc. where limited number of tickets available. It keeps count of inventory and mark unavailable when sold out.

Peer to Peer fundraising

This type of campaign is suited for your most dedicated donors to collect donations from his or her friends.


This campaign designed to manage donations for silent and live auctions. Online bidding Coming Soon!

Hindu Temple Puja

This campaign type is designed for Hindu temple puja offerings, help with donation and scheduling.
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This is brand new offering from PayBee that helps you manage fundraising events, it includes:
  • Managing event attendees.
  • Generate bidder paddle with a unique QR code on it.
  • Assign attendees paddle and track donations throughout event.
  • Distributed donation cart to add various donations for easy checkout by volunteers using card check or cash.
  • Self-checkout by donors by scanning QR code on the paddle.

Contact us at if you have to have a fundraising event and would like to learn more about it.

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Contact if you have some other design in mind we might be able to generate one for you.


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