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Mobile donation in moment of inspiration.

Complete Donation Platform for Nonprofits

PayBee platform and apps enable donors to easily donate on mobile, web and in person. Enable organizations to manage campaigns, donors.

Connect with Donors

On the web and mobile devices, Via posters and brochures, Connect in the moment of inspiration

Donation and Donor Management

Manage donations from all channels, Use analytics to make insightful decisions, Communicate and manage donors.

Intuitive Donor Experience

Learn and connect with the cause, Quick transactions, No lengthy forms.


Handle donations - via cash, check, credit card, No need for kiosks or card readers, Efficient front desk software tools.

Hindu Temples

Set up puja using in-built Hindu Calendars, Capture sankalp information for families, Pujari can notify devotee when puja is done.


Inspire donors, connect instantly with the audience, Make all promotion material actionable, Volunteers can process donations remotely.

Easy and Quick to Donate

Easiest way to support your favorite cause. Donate or pledge fast when you want to, right from your phone.





Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of security does PayBee have in place?

We’ve made special efforts to keep our users’ data as secure as possible. All data transmitted between the user’s devices and PayBee servers is encrypted. So is the data communication between the PayBee servers. Also, no credit card and bank account information is saved on our systems. Once the payment link is set up, the personal information is deleted.

How long does it take for the money to hit the non-profit’s account?

The money is sent on a daily basis. Credit card transactions will take about 1 week to hit the non-profit’s bank. The ACH transactions will appear in about 1-3 weeks.

What happens to the money once the donor pays?

When the donor sends the funds, the amount is immediately sent to the non-profit’s bank account. PayBee doesn’t hold any money under any circumstances.

How does PayBee make money?

Yes, we do need to keep the lights on and continue providing you amazing features. That means we need to charge for our services. However, at this point, we are the beta testing mode and won’t be charging fees to our new customers. At the end of the testing period, we will be charging a nominal amount directly to the non-profits.

I pledged by mistake/I paid by mistake. What do I do?

Not to worry! In case of an unplanned pledge, you can do delete it from the transaction page. If the payment was made in error, please email us at and send us the transactions details. We’ll help you retrieve it, unless it’s too late and the funds have hit the non-profit’s account. In that case, the non-profit would be able to help you directly.

I’m interested! What are the next steps?

If you are a donor, download our app from the app store, scan a QR code at your favorite organization, pledge and donate. Find PayBee in the Android and apple App stores. If you are an organization, get in touch with us at and we can schedule a demo for you.

Our Team

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